Herbs for healthy skin, hair and nails

Herbs for healthy skin, hair and nails

Research has recently caught up with a long standing tradition that beauty comes from within. In other words, the best cosmetics are the most edible ones!

Everything you need for your skin, hair and nails health can be found in your vegetables and fruits, but did you know there are an abundance of herbs that can enhance your appearance as well?

The following herbs can be made into a herbal infused tea to be consumed daily:

Contains high levels of silicon, that may help to maintain the elasticity and strength of skin tissue.


Ginkgo biloba

Aids with healthy circulation of blood, supporting oxygenation and flow of nutrients to the scalp which may boost hair growth.

Dandelion leaf
Rich source of vitamin A and E, also known as the beauty nutrients because of their importance in skin, hair and nail health. As well as vitamin C, and B vitamins. 

Contains biotin, a B vitamin (or vitamin H), which deficiencies can cause hair loss and a rash. Biotin also aids in strengthening your body’s keratin structure which can be broken down with age, environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking.

Choline, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium are also important for external beauty and present in Dandelion leaf, a common ‘weed’ you can find in your own backyard to use for it’s beautifying effects.

Nettle leaf
Commonly known as stinging nettle and avoided for it’s painful sensations on the skin when in close contact, nettle leaf is completely harmless when consumed as a tea. Nettle leaf is so packed full of vitamins and minerals that it could pass as a daily multi. Nettle leaf contains Vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins and vitamin K. As well as being a rich source of silica. It’s beneficial to double up on the vitamins and minerals in a tea blend for extra results.

All of the nutritional benefits of rolled oats without the gluten! Oatstraw is high in B vitamins and silica. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties to help dry and damaged skin, eradicating dandruff, as well as soothing a dry and itchy scalp.

Rich in vitamin A, the ultimate skin vitamin. Helps reduce scarring, heal wounds and regenerate your skin cells. Rosehips also promotes skin elasticity to prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Use as a preventative or as a wrinkle treatment - they can be reversed with adequate nutrition.

Citrus peel
Rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin C is perfect for reducing UV radiation damage, as well as boosting collagen synthesis in the body. Ensuring an adequate collagen prevents premature ageing, softening your skin and retaining firmness as well as preventing or reversing fine lines and wrinkles.


Hibiscus flowers
One of the most important concepts to learn from ‘beauty from within’ means the body is being properly detoxified from all of the assaults to our system - from car fumes, to free radicals created from stress, and even toxic ‘beauty products’ claiming to prevent the problems they essentially create! That’s why Hibiscus flowers are perfect for the job of detoxifying for its high antioxidant and Vitamin C content.

Green tea
Used by the ancients, and with half the caffeine content of coffee, the polyphenols in Green tea protect your skin from UV radiation damage. Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants, and can also slow down the visible signs of ageing as well as reverse cell damage - a high strength ingredient for a radiant complexion. If you are pregnant or nursing - use raspberry leaf in replace of green tea to avoid caffeine. 

Bulk beautifying skin, hair and nails dry tea blend recipe



Combine all herbs together. Discard bags the bag around citrus blend to combine loose tea leaves. Store in an airtight container. 

To use:

Iced tea:

  1. Combine 5-6 teaspoons of loose tea leaf with 4 cups of boiling hot water,  and steep for 8-10 minutes. If you are using a saucepan, make sure to cover it while the tea is steeping to contain goodness and prevent the essential oils of the tea evaporating.  
  2. Strain tea and add a pinch of stevia to your taste. 
  3. Add ice-cubes and cold water. Pour into a drink bottle to consume throughout the day. 
  4. Enjoy!

Hot tea:

  1. Combine 2-3 teaspoons of loose tea leaf in a mug.
  2. Add boiling water and steep for 8-10 minutes. If you are using a saucepan, make sure to cover it while the tea is steeping to contain goodness and prevent the essential oils of the tea evaporating. The longer you steep the tea, the more concentrated it will be.
  3. Drink 2-3 times daily and enjoy!

Article written by: Jean Cave

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