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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the super Mums in the world, who care for their families and quietly do countless tasks every day to keep their home running. It’s a day where Mum can stop worrying about cleaning and cooking and can sit back and enjoy some well deserved relaxation! 

This Mother’s Day why not surprise your Mum with a gift from Healthy Me that is delivered straight to her door. Make her feel extra special with a selection of premium products to nourish her body and boost her vitality.

Here are some ways you can show Mum you care:

Something to sip

If your Mum is a tea aficionado, consider giving her some of our loose‑leaf teas, such as Rosehip which is great for skin health, or Hops tea, an all-round tonic that helps with sleep and relaxation.

We also have a wide range of convenient bagged teas that can help her unwind, such as Licorice Zinga, Camo Kalm and Chamomile Mellow.

Organic goodness

Does your Mum like to buy organic whenever she can? Check out our range of affordable organic health products that don’t compromise on quality. 

Serious skin, hair and nail care

Treat your Mum to some premium Qt Internal Cosmetics that contain glow-y ingredients like collagen, tremella and vitamin C, and work wonders for firming and brightening skin, and growing long, strong hair and nails. These are ones she will keep buying herself.

Time‑saving helpers

Adding Alkalising Greens or Acai Powder to a smoothie can be a great way to make a delicious, nutrient packed breakfast or snack. Optima Woman Capsules are also perfect for the busy Mum who is always on the go and may not be getting the nutrition she needs. 

Getting clean and lean

Is your Mum keen to improve her energy levels and well‑being but doesn’t know where to start? Detoxifying is a process that restores liver and bowel function, and can be a fantastic kick‑start to establishing healthy habits. 

Breakfast in bed

Most mums would like nothing better than a well deserved sleep in and a delicious home cooked breakfast in bed. Try this delicious and easy recipe for Cinnamon Collagen Pancakes using Bellē powder for a nutrient rich start to the day.  

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