Vitamin D3

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Also known as sunshine vitamin as it can be produced in our bodies when exposed to sunshine. It helps support calcium absorption and utilisation, maintain healthy bone density and strength.

When our skin is exposed to UV radiation, our bodies manufacture Vitamin D, but as we age, this ability decreases. Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) is the form most efficient for our bodies.

  • Vitamin D is involved with regulating the flow of calcium to and from the bones. Vitamin D3 supplementation maintains bone density and strength.
  • This essential nutrient maintains blood calcium levels in the normal range, this is important for normal neuron and hormone function.
  • Vitamin D also supports the immune system and heart health by maintaining blood pressure in the normal range.


Each tablet contains: Cholecalciferol 25mcg Providing Vitamin D3 1000 IU. This product contains tableting aids.

Suggested Use4

Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food, or as professionally recommended.


Do not exceed the recommended dose. Seek professional health advice if taking medications (ie anticoagulant, blood pressure medication, etc) or suffering from a medical condition (ie hyperthyroidism, sarcoidosis, etc) before supplementing.