Vitafit Nattokinase 2000 60 Capsules

Vitafit Nattokinase 2000 60 Capsules

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Nattokinase 2000 contains a comprehensive blend of enzymes and nutrients that help support a healthy cardiovascular system, including blood health and circulation. 

  • May support gut health. Nattokinase is a ferment of Natto. Fermented foods have been shown to have a positive impact on the gut microbiome, which is important for both mental and physical health. In addition to the digestive enzymes found in Vitafit Nattokinase 2000, this makes a great gut health product. 
  • Nattokinase may support with improving blood pressure, relieves blood lipid levels, preventing plaque formation in the arteries, and acting as a blood thinner. 
  • Suitable for vegan diets. 


Each capsule contains: Nattokinase (2000 FU) 100mg, Amylase (2000 DU) 130mg, Protease (16,000 HUT) 64mg, Bromelain (96 GDU) 48mg, Lipase (274 LU) 34.3mg, Cellulase (1000 CU) 25mg, Calcium 14mg, Magnesium 40mcg. This product contains encapsulating aids. 

Suggested Use:

Adults: Take 1 capsule 3 times daily on an empty stomach, one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal, or as professionally recommended. 


Seek professional health advice if pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from a medical condition (i.e. bleeding problems), or take medication (i.e. anticoagulant or antiplatelet medicines) before supplementing.