NZ Nutritionals manufacture and sell supplements uniquely formulated for the health products industry. Located in Christchurch, NZ, the largest city in the South Island, we enjoy proximity to the Pacific Ocean, rolling hills, and the wide-open Canterbury Plains. We have the perfect growing climate so that we can source many of our quality ingredients right here in NZ. These locally-sourced ingredients are the foundation of our superior end products.

Our milk powder comes from hormone and drug-free dairy cows that spend their days grazing on the clean, green pastures of NZ. Our premium-quality green-lipped mussels, unique to NZ, come from the pristine coastal waters. Local world-renowned vineyards are the starting point for our grapeseed extract.

Throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, our quality control team ensures that we meet all domestic and overseas requirements. Our manufacturing plant and our experienced team enable us to produce a wide variety of products including hard-shell capsules, soft gelatine capsules, and tablets in a wide range of shapes and colours. We can also coat tablets to create visual appeal, ensure swallowing, extend shelf life, add a moisture barrier, and improve taste. We can even print tablets with any image or logo.

At NZ Nutritionals, we also produce a variety of herbal teas, powders, and liquids. We offer a large selection of packaging choices, such as boxes, bottles, blister packs, sachets, pouches, shrink wrappings, and more. If you are considering producing your own brand of health products, contact our friendly staff to discuss your options.