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82 products

About Vitafit and How to Buy Vitafit from Your Online NZ Stockists

Not consuming enough vitamins, minerals, and the other essential nutrients your body needs can lead to serious health problems. For optimal health, it is important to consume all these nutritional elements in the right proportions. Our modern diets are rich in processed foods, sugar, carbohydrates, and can lack essential nutrients that we need for good health.

If you aren’t consuming enough protein, vitamins, or minerals, you may not notice the effects right away. However, over time, deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to severe problems with your health. For example, your body needs plenty of protein daily. When you do not provide your cells with enough protein, they can’t perform the necessary repair and regeneration tasks. Your brain for instance, requires many nutrients for everyday cognitive processes, such as making new memories, and repairing wear and tear. It’s vital for your brain and mental health that you consume enough protein, essential fat, vitamins and minerals. The cells throughout your body must receive the nutrients they need each day for your health to thrive.

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

When you buy Vitafit online in NZ, you are providing your body with essential nutrients that help prevent dietary imbalances, support muscle development and maintenance, and maintain energy and overall wellbeing. The addition of supplements to the diet can be beneficial for people of all ages and nutritional needs. Even young, healthy people can benefit from dietary supplements as they deplete vitamins in their bodies through physical activity. Adding concentrated nutrients in the form of Vitafit products to your diet will support your optimal health and wellness. Vitafit products include those designed for a variety of ages and health conditions, so everyone can find the right products to give them the best nutrition, no matter what their unique needs and goals are. Now, you can shop conveniently online for the supplements you need to restore or maintain excellent health from NZ Nutritionals, your Vitafit stockists.


For more than three decades, Vitafit has been a top brand in the NZ dietary supplement and health food industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality products that enhance health and overall well-being. NZ Nutritionals manufactures Vitafit products at their own Christchurch facility using a combination of locally-sourced ingredients and quality ingredients sourced from overseas suppliers who have been selected using a stringent approval process. We distribute the finished products to health stores and pharmacies throughout NZ and beyond.

Vitafit includes a large variety of products such as vitamins and minerals, herbal formulas, multi-nutrients, amino acids, glandular support, enzymes, tea tree oils, high-potency formulas, loose teas, and health foods. Products are available in a range of forms including capsules, tablets, lozenges, liquids, and powders that have been formulated using the latest scientific research. Let NZ Nutritionals be your go-to Vitafit stockists in NZ and enjoy the affordability and outstanding customer service you deserve as you improve your health.