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Instant Chai'Q Latte - Healthy Me

Instant Chai'Q Latte

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Fuel your inner fire with Morlife ChaIQ Latte. It is a delectable blend of authentic spices, enriched with the enlivening herbs of Ginkgo, Eleuthero & Bacopa. Morlife ChaIQ Latte is creamy and delicious with subtle hints of honey and vanilla.

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Coconut Powder, Honey Powder (20%*), Inulin, Cinnamon (15%*), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Eleuthero (3%*), Turmeric Extract, Ginger Extract, Guar Gum, Nutmeg (0.9%*), Cardamom (0.7%*), Clove (0.7%*), Bacopa Extract (0.6%*), Black Pepper Extract, Rooibos Extract, Aniseed, Gingko Extract (0.3%*), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides).

*Average Quantities.

Mix 10g (1 heaped tablespoon) of Morlife ChaIQ Latte powder into a small amount of hot water and stir until dissolved. Add 1 cup of warm or frothed milk (almond, soy, skim or full cream), stir until combined and enjoy!

It is important to maintain a varied diet and consume plenty of water throughout the day. This product should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Store resealed away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place below 25 degrees.

Contains milk solids. May contain traces of soy or tree nuts. Not suitable for vegans.