How What You Eat Affects How You Feel and Where to Buy Organic Health Food Products Online in NZ

Most people know that what they eat affects their physical health, but did you know that it also affects how you feel? Your diet plays a role in your mood by triggering certain physiological and chemicals changes in your brain and altering your emotions and behaviour. What you eat affects your mood, your energy, the quality of your sleep, and your mental acuity, so it makes sense to consume as healthy a diet as possible. Here are a few ways your diet can have an impact on your mood.

If you skip meals

Food is the fuel your body needs to perform basic functions. If you go too long without eating, you’ll naturally feel cranky and tired. Just as you can’t run a car without gas, your body won’t work properly without healthy food to fuel it. When you skip meals, the resulting blood sugar crash leads to mood swings. A healthy breakfast is particularly important, making you less vulnerable to cravings and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

If you drink without thinking

What you drink has just as much of an impact on your mood as what you eat. Too much caffeine can spark anxiety or mood swings, so limit the amount of coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages you consume. Also, many drinks are very high in calories without any healthy nutrients to show for it. You’re far better off choosing water most of the time. If you want to switch it up, have some low-fat or skim milk, which contains protein, or green tea, which is rich in powerful antioxidants.

If you neglect essential nutrients

Certain nutrients are crucial not only for physical health but also for your mood as well. For example, not getting enough iron can lead to fatigue and depression. Foods rich in iron include red meat, liver, egg yolks, beans, and dried fruit. Insufficient thiamine may be equally problematic, resulting in fatigue, inactivity, and a poorer mood. You can get plentiful thiamine from pork, eggs, cereal grains, and sunflower seeds, to name a few. Folic acid is another one you don’t want to forget. It’s not only necessary for pregnant women, but it can also help anyone ward off depression. You’ll find it in green veggies, sprouts, oranges, and whole-wheat bread.

Where to Buy Health Food Products Online in NZ

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