To Buy Calcium Supplements Online, Choose NZ Nutritionals

Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our bodies, especially for women and children. Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth. Did you know that calcium is required for normal muscle function and nerve transmission, and supports vascular contraction? While there are many calcium-rich foods people consume regularly, especially milk and other dairy products, it is quite common to add calcium supplements. If you need to buy calcium supplements, online NZ has some outstanding options at our HealthyMe online store. Why NZ Nutritionals? Simply put, the high quality of our products exceeds requirements as we locally manufacture our products in Christchurch, New Zealand. We use NZ sources whenever possible and focus on the total wellness of mind, body, and soul.

We take great pride in our complete formulations and the vast array of choices we offer our customers. We provide options such as our whole milk powder from New Zealand cows with 1220 mg of calcium per 100 grams, and chewable calcium supplements for kids made from the gentle milk from goats (in chocolate, vanilla or manuka honey & banana flavours). Our Mega Mineral supplement features an array of minerals with each tablet containing 25 mg of calcium, and our Calcium + Magnesium tablets deliver 862 mg of calcium citrate for 250 mg of elemental calcium. If you’re ready to buy calcium supplements online NZ Nutritionals is sure to have the perfect option to keep you and your family in tip-top shape.