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L-Glutamine Powder - Healthy Me

L-Glutamine Powder

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L-Glutamine is the most abundant naturally occurring amino acid found within the body. It plays a key role in protein synthesis and supplementation may help facilitate protein metabolism. For this reason, L-Glutamine may be useful to help minimize muscle breakdown in the body thereby having an anti-catabolic action. It may be useful for people undertaking strenuous exercise who may be depleted of their glutamine levels. Morlife L-Glutamine is a naturally fermented, 100% pure fine-powdered amino acid.

100% Pure L-Glutamine powder

Mix 1 ¼ teaspoons into water, smoothies or other drinks or foods.

Do not use L-Glutamine if suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, kidney problems, Reye''s syndrome or any disorder that can result in an accumulation of ammonia in the blood.

Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet; and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.