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Superfood Spotlight: Nutritionists fave picks

These days, the term 'superfood' is thrown around here, there and everywhere. For a food to be dubbed as 'super', it needs to have something special about it, or a crazy high amount of beneficial nutrients.

There's also a superfood that's good for just about any woe, or to boost something in particular that you're need, whether it be antioxidants, vitamins or minerals. This week, we did a Q&A with two Morlife nutritionists to find out a few of their nuggets of knowledge when it comes to superfoods.

Chia Seeds

Which superfoods can't you live without and why?


Definitely Chia Seeds! I use them in everything, from adding them to smoothies, yoghurt and vegan baking - it’s an excellent replacer for eggs! Aside from its health benefits and fibre content, I find chia seeds are perfect for thickening up my morning smoothies and help keep me full for the morning. I also love our Inulin Plus (it combines a mixture of fructooligosaccarides and inulin to help promote bowel function) I find it tastes like fairy floss and has a really nice creamy texture, I’ll also add that to smoothies.


There are 2 superfoods that I am addicted to: Coconut Water Powder & Inulin Plus. I incorporate them into my diet because of their nutritional benefits.

For example coconut water powder is ideal for keeping me hydrated, as it contains 3 special minerals such as calcium, magnesium & potassium… AND I feel that by living on the sunny & beautiful Gold Coast water is not enough to keep me hydrated, so an extra helper is always welcome.

Inulin Plus is a must have because it contains two key prebiotic fibres (inulin and FOS) that will feed my beneficial “gut-bugs” making everything better! 

Inulin Plus

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever cooked or done with a superfood?


Well! Not so long ago I made a face mask using our Turmeric Powder! It’s a great natural face mask for brighter and radiant skin. I also tried to sprout my Chia Seeds once but that didn’t quite work out as I expected! (I had my Chia Seeds way to close together on plate of water).


I think the weirdest thing that I have ever done (and I keep doing it because it is amazing) is to use coconut oil in half of my beauty treatments. Basically I use coconut oil to remove my make up (as it is a natural alternative and it is not full of chemicals like the regular make up removers), use it as a hair mask to make my hair “shine bright like a diamond”, in most of my cooking and in my morning coffee. Love, love, love coconut oil!!   

What superfood do you think is the most underrated?


Hmm this is a tough one, I’m going to go with Spirulina. It’s quite a remarkable superfood, the fact it contains so many vitamins and minerals, antioxidants plus is 70% protein and let’s not forget the chlorophyll content! I think it’s a great food to incorporate into your life, especially for vegetarians or vegans, not only because of the protein factor but its iron content.


I would definitely go for Spirulina! I feel that most people do not know about the superpowers of this superfood (well, it is true that the taste is not wonderful, but nutritionally speaking it is all you can wish for). Especially if you are vegan, spirulina can be a source of nutrition like no other (as it has protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and many other goodness)!

Also I feel that Maca does not get enough recognition for its benefits! Do not forget that Maca was used by Incas and it is considered a sacred superfood to them… so there should be something really special & powerful about it!

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